A Unique Studio

Unwind with yoga and transform with floating

As the first yoga and float studio in San Diego, we are excited to offer students the unique experience of vigorous or relaxing yoga (you choose the class) and then the opportunity to move from your shavasana to the bliss of a float experience. The biggest issue most students have with floating is the time it takes to shut down and get "into" the float thus diminishing the benefits and wasting valuable time in the tank. Working through the moving meditation of yoga prepares the body and mind to absorb all of the amazing benefits of floating.

We work with children and Mommy and Me classes

These classes range from baby yoga (with mommy of course) to work with children from ages 5-10 and teens from 11-16 in some gender specific classes. Please check our schedule to learn more about times and types of classes.

We specialize in mature populations

We work with mature students to help with proper circulation, reduce chronic pain, relieve joint and arthritis pain, and promote physical and mental rest, relaxation and grounding. Our yoga instructors are specially trained to work with students with limited mobility and joint issues. Studies show the benefits of yoga in mature students are extensive. They include stress reduction, joint mobility, flexibility and joint health, reduces high blood pressure, and improves respiration. Keeping active is an important way to stay healthy as we age.