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Anita is a Midwest native (Chicago and Indianapolis) who has settled in San Diego for the past 3 years. She has grown up learning about yoga and meditation her whole life from her mother who grew up in India and has been practicing herself for the last 6 years. Anita received her yoga teacher training certificate (RYT 200) in 2017 in San Diego as well as her Ayurveda Counselor certificate in 2015. She loves to teach Vinyasa, Hatha, meditation, and pranayama (breathwork) to her students. Anita believes in the energetic healing abilities of yoga and is grateful to be able to share her knowledge with and encourage others on their life journey

Over past 8 years I had an opportunity and a privilege to call myself a world traveler. I lived in 3 different continents, 5 different countries. Yoga was, is and will be the most precious life and travel companion. I have discovered yoga almost 9 years ago while volunteering in India. It was a magical and spiritual way to see power of yoga – ability to build relationship between the body, the mind and the breath that leads to sustained happiness. My yoga teaching is based on asana, pranayama practice and meditation. I am specialized in hatha yoga, yin yoga, guided meditation and mandala coloring meditation.
I was born and raised in Israel and moved to the USA in 2008. My first yoga class was at the gym I used to go and I remember , so clearly, how I felt at the final pose, savasana.. Laying on the mat I felt like I am flying.. felt released.. felt free.. a feeling that I had never experienced before. I decided to join the teacher training course to enrich my self and make a deeper spiritual connection to yoga. As I moved forward with the training I realized how amazing and important this practice is, and now I wanted to share it not only with my loved ones but also with others. See you at class. Shalom and Namaste.

Myrna began her yoga journey as a teen sporadically tuning into online classes for the physical benefits. Once in college, she was introduced to mindfulness meditation and dove deeper into her asana practice. She pursued her 200hr certification and is currently enrolled in a 300hr training. Myrna believes in providing a positive atmosphere in which self expression is encouraged and self doubt is left behind. She encourages her students to step away from their inhibitions and express themselves through mindful movement when they step onto the mat. Her vinyasa classes are element inspired and her teaching is calming, attentive and joyful. 

Domenica was enrolled in her first yoga class when she was eight years old but it wasn’t until yoga was offered through her high school surf team in Encinitas, that she got hooked. During college she continued to practice a few days a week to manage stress and come back to herself. Once she moved back home to Cardiff, she decided to pursue teacher training. She didn’t intend to become a teacher necessarily, it was more to deepen her practice but the deeper she dove into all aspects of yoga, the more she wanted to spread her love of the practice with others. She now teaches all over San Diego county and absolutely loves every minute of it. Her favorite style is Vinyasa and her favorite pose is Eagle (Garudasana), at the moment.

As a former student athlete, and personal trainer, my first encounters with yoga were to work with my client’s flexibility and allow more ease through movement. But the more I practiced yoga in my own body, the benefits went deeper than being able to touch my toes. I have suffered from migraines for over 20 years and the best way I have managed my debilitating chronic pain is with regular yoga and meditation. With my desire to learn more, and deepen my practice, I took my 200 hour teacher training in 2016 and my 300 hour a year later. It has allowed me to share my passion for the practice as a healing modality with others who also suffer from chronic pain.

Starting with my first class some 15 years ago I’ve had a deep love for the practice of yoga. Coming from a background of repetitive aerobic sports like swimming, running and rollerblading I was immediately attracted to the diversity of the physical experience. While I still love the physical part, I’ve come to embrace the integrated mind, body, and spirit ideal of classical Yoga. My practice is informed by amazing teachers of Ashtanga, Aunsara, and Power Yoga. I received my teacher from Shashi Pottathil at Shashi yoga in San Diego and have also studied under Desiree Rumbaugh, Jason Crandell, Tim Miller and others.

Taylor has been teaching yoga for 4 years. She has taught and developed programs for prenatal, postnatal, & mommy and me yoga classes, practicing to term with both of her babies. She believes in the power of the body to transform the mind, and the power of the mind to inform the body. Her classes are slow, deep, and creative, with careful attention to alignment. You will leave her class refreshed, worked out, & inspired. Come stretch and enjoy the power of good yoga.
Jason teaches alignment-based yoga informed by non-dual, heart-centered Tantric philosophy. Students find his teaching to be humorous and challenging as well as nurturing, and appreciate his balance of clarity, enthusiasm, and wisdom. Jason began his own yoga studies in 1999 and teaches from the heart of an avid practitioner and lifelong student.

Shane loves yoga. The opportunity to connect mind, body and soul has awakened his heart and enlivened his spirit. Stress relief, healthy living, relaxation, compassion and love are qualities he has received from yoga that he is honored to share. Introduced to yoga at age 10 by his father the journey has empowered him to promote being confident, compassionate, happy, peaceful and liberated. He received a 200hr certification in power vinyasa yoga, hot power fusion and yoga sculpt in October 2013. He looks forward to the communion of love, power and beauty with the lives he can help transform.

Nicole Roerick, Originally from Fargo, ND, just relocated to San Diego after living abroad in Cairo, Egypt for 4 years. She is a passionate teacher and Yogini. She found Yoga through Dance and has benefitted from it in more ways than she thought possible. She has been practicing since 2007 and teaching since 2010 after completing her 200 hour certification in NYC in July 2010. She also completed 200 hours towards her advanced certification in Thailand in November 2016 and completed her Teen Yoga certification from the UK in October 2017. She has studied Hatha, Vinyasa and Yin styles, and has also worked with Anusara and Iyengar teachers. The diversity comes through in her teaching. Nicole focuses on working towards proper alignment and muscle usage in the body while also focusing on individual needs and adjustments. Her teaching is fluid, direct, and very light hearted. Nicole gives much gratitude to her teachers that helped deepen her knowledge of the practice and teaching of yoga. In addition to her yoga life, she is also pursuing Dance Choreography and Performance and has her MFA and BFA in Dance. She recently completed her Stott Pilates Mat certification course and is working towards her certification. She believes that all of these worlds are connected and intertwined with one another and hopes to utilize all that she has and give it to others

With over 12 years of yoga experience, an extensive fitness background and a degree in Psychology I have combined my love for the movement of the physical body with my interest in the human psyche to build a repertoire of holistic healing skills that transform and encourage individuals to be seek their utmost, authentic selves. I provide a range of classes from restorative, thought-provoking meditations to strong, upbeat and playful flows. I enjoy teaching a style that is firm to the roots and traditions of the ancient art of yoga while also combining my fun, lighthearted spirt. Yoga has helped me create a new relationship with myself, my spirituality and the way I view the world. I believe that everyone can receive something magnificent from practicing yoga and it is my goal to help you find whatever it is that you are searching for and bring balance into your everyday life.

 I was introduced to Yoga and took my first class in 2010.  Immediately I was intrigued by the physicality of the practice and the deep connection to body, mind and spirit.  As years went by, I continued to practice and I relied heavily on yoga for stress-relief, calmness, serenity, strength, and so much more.  Deciding to deepen my practice further and share my years of experience with others, I took my 200hr YTT certification with The Yoga Institute in Houston in 2015.  I enjoy teaching Hatha based classes as well as Yin and restorative classes.  I look forward to sharing the endless gifts of yoga with you and can’t wait to see you on your mat!

Chrissy took her first yoga class 10 years ago and has been hooked ever since. She first started practicing yoga to find a low impact exercise modality after several broken bones resulted in chronic foot and ankle pain. The healing yet challenging nature of the practice kept her coming back. Chrissy finally took the leap to deepen her practice in 2017, getting her 200 hour certification in power vinyasa yoga and yoga sculpt. She has relied on yoga for the last decade to provide stress relief and centering both on and off her mat. Chrissy aims to help her students build body awareness to feel confident in their space, physically and mentally. Her classes are purpose driven, welcoming and lighthearted.

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