Get to know our teachers.
Maren has been practicing yoga for over 25 years and is certified and experienced instructor in numerous disciplines including and is an avid student and practitioner. In her previous career as a licensed psychotherapist, Maren utilized yoga within her practice to assist her patients with their own healing and personal growth. She only began a deeper immersion into yoga after suffering from postpartum anxiety following the birth of her third child. Maren attributes yoga to changing her perspective on both life and parenting. As a recent transplant from the east coast, Maren is thrilled to now be part of the San Diego and Yauvana community. Check out her fun yoga pics on Instagram @Marens_om

Domenica was enrolled in her first yoga class when she was eight years old but it wasn’t until yoga was offered through her high school surf team in Encinitas, that she got hooked. During college she continued to practice a few days a week to manage stress and come back to herself. Once she moved back home to Cardiff, she decided to pursue teacher training. She didn’t intend to become a teacher necessarily, it was more to deepen her practice but the deeper she dove into all aspects of yoga, the more she wanted to spread her love of the practice with others. She now teaches all over San Diego county and absolutely loves every minute of it. Her favorite style is Vinyasa and her favorite pose is Eagle (Garudasana), at the moment.

Christiana Maiella is a pediatric nurse, and a registered yoga teacher who specializes in vinyasa yoga. She completed her 200-hour vinyasa training at Corepower Yoga in September 2018. Her mission is to inspire her students to go outside their comfort zone, and play their edge, both on and off their mats. She believes that taking on the new and unfamiliar is what makes people stronger, mentally and physically, and better equipped to understand others and themselves, and to maintain positive momentum in their lives.  Christiana’s class will lead you through a creative, invigorating, and soulful yoga journey that will get you to breathe deeply and break a sweat.

Tamara Rodriguez was born in Monterrey, Mexico; Teaching yoga for the last 6 years with more than 600 hours of teacher training from Silver Age Yoga and Corepower. She seeks to connect her creative artistic background with her sequencing and enhance every class with a unique perspective. As a professional performer as a musician, dancer and actress, she uses the opportunity in class to encourage her students in finding their voice and exploring their body. 

Keila’s yoga journey began in 2013 at the end of my senior year of high school, when she was injured and searching for something she could do safely and from the comfort of her own home.  I came across yoga on YouTube and social media and was hooked! In 2017, Keila’s daughter was born and her practice evolved from a very competitive approach to a place of self-love.  She rediscovered her practice, not only to help her regain strength and reintroduce movement into her daily routine, but also to help her to learn self-acceptance. Keila became determined to introduce yoga as a tool for others to use throughout their daily struggles and healing processes. Working in special needs classrooms, Keila saw how yoga, mindfulness and breathing practices were helping students take control of their emotional regulation.  This was so inspiring to Keila and became the main focus of her practice and teaching style. Keila’s classes encourage you to find a balance between your feminine and masculine energies (feeling and action) through intentional movement and meditation. 

Westley is an enthusiastic soul with passion and pursuits in many areas including music, psychology, technology and of course, Yoga. He currently works full-time as a Business Analyst/Project Manager at a software company and still finds time for his passions.  Yoga serves as a ground for him to connect the dots between all his interests. When he took his first yoga teacher training it changed his life! Since then, he has taken several more trainings and has taught yoga for all ages from children to elderly in a variety of styles. His experience teaching in group settings started when he was a child in karate for 7 years. He cultivated a practice of meditation and a sense of spirituality with guidance from his karate instructors and his grandmother, who is also a Yogi and an influence to this day. Whether you’re interested in the physical, mental or spiritual aspects of yoga, Westley will leave you feeling accomplished and empowered to grow on your yogic journey.

Missy was introduced to yoga in 2011 and fell in love with the practice. It wasn’t until she went through a period of darkness that the practice became a way of life. Yoga gave her a reason to get out of the bed in the morning and get her body and mind connected and healthy. She finished her 200-hour teacher training at YogaStream in Princeton, NJ with a physical therapist. Through this training, she learned the importance to discuss not only the wonderful and amazing aspects of the physical yoga practice, but also the risks, and emphasize intelligent movements patterns. She learned the importance of love and compassion, on and off the mat.  Yoga can be a way of life, and it has transformed Missy’s, by helping her learn to become more aware every day, during practice and out in the world. Her mission is to teach awareness through the body. Awareness is key to making good decisions, having strong relationships with ourselves and others, and making changes in the world.

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